Time to reflect, perhaps.


I take a pen and paper on holiday with me, but that’s just in case the muse strikes stronger than the need to photograph stuff. Photography got the upper hand recently and I’ve left the pens and paper in Los Angeles so that at least I don’t have to take it with me again.

I’ve also been blogging most days, probably because it was a way for me to remember rather than for you to know about. When back from hols it gives me a chance to reflect on what to do next. Tidying up some old paperwork is an excuse to reflect or think about what I might do next on here. I set it up for drawings and came across this little one the other day. I cannot remember what it was for now, but I do know that it never got finished and in some ways is all the better for that.

I’ve done a few projects in the last year and am also reflecting on that.

Men’s haircuts,

The Weather,

The Band,

Old Drawings

Then there are the photographic things like the recent trip to LA

OK California and the “Homelanders”

And the other to


As well as my attempt to divulge the not very special methods I use to get a drawing done and dusted

Soft pastels and a rubber, the application thereof…

I drop in the odd bit here and there when it occurs to me, and oddly the most popular blog seems to be about cows standing up when they sleep.

Anyway, for the time being, I’m cutting a long story short! I’ll be blogging now a little less often. Probably on a Monday or a Sunday, perhaps both.

Thanks to all those who dropped in and listened to my ramblings.


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