“He can do ‘proper drawings’ too you know”

I heard my dear Aunty Anne tell someone this when I was making a decent living as a cartoonist. She meant well, but considered cartoons less seriously than ‘proper drawings’, which is just as well as they were not to be taken seriously. In fact they were meant to be laughable. It also ignored that fact that there was no way on earth that I could have made a living from what might be termed ‘proper drawings’. I suspect also that she might have thought that cartoons were not terribly respectable, which she was. I doubt that she would have been terribly amused if any of my four cousins had suggested that they might take a career move into cartoons!

Anyhow, I was thankfully allowed the freedom to choose by her brother and sister in law, my father and mother.

I shall publish a few proper drawings over the next few days. Aunty Anne would have been delighted. These were done a couple of years ago and are a mix of pen and ink drawings with digital interventions!


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