Blue Man Church and Mrs Thatcher.


This is Painswick Church grounds and it is said to have 99 yew trees. They have tried in the past to plant another but it is said it always dies. Taken the other day, I was taken with the chap in the blue shirt and his bright red jacket, discarded in the bright September sunshine.

There’s something about September sunshine that brings everything into sharp focus. Shadows are longer and deeper and the sun seems to pick out every detail. today has been exceptional, so I took a few pictures to pass it on. The ones that follow are all Cheltenham and stem from a quick stroll after breakfast with chums, and a wish to stay out in the air for a while.


I used to have an office in these buildings, on the top floor. In the afternoons I got the benefit of all the sunshine. The front is opposite the Town Hall in Cheltenham and I remember when Mrs Thatcher was due to visit the town, the place was like an armed camp.The office was ‘burgled’ and nothing taken, the whisper at the time was that it might have been the Security Services checking us out. We were in direct line of fire to the front of the building. I might have thrown a sharpened pencil at her, or a cheap jibe! Large drain sections were put in the roads around to prevent cars getting close. I just chose not to go to the office that day.


This is a regency terrace on my walk back. It looks very much like it must have looked when it was built. Superb buildings, especially on a sunny day like today, but I’ve edited out the cars. Shame we can’t do that a little more: edit out the cars.


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