Office sign in red and blue.

It seems to me that much of LA is a cacophony. In regard to streets they are full of businesses in some areas, and here you’ll find signs all over the place, all competing for the passing trade. Footfall is not really the term here, perhaps carfall should be the word.

This building made a refreshing change from the norm with just the one word on it and that was not adding much to the selling message. It was like a deep breath in a long sentence.

At the football match, a peak of cacophony, every second of the time inside the stadium was filled with something to stimulate, they even set off fireworks when the home team scored. See more about that here Football is football and soccer is our football.

The cars rule here but the system is built for it. I’ve rarely been stationary when in a car, slow but moving at times but not that ‘stuck in a car park’ feeling I’ve experienced in the UK at times. There’s time for this to change before we return but so far so good.

This is from my recent trip to Los Angeles,
I miss that blue sky which seems to be a permanent fixture there.

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