Orange and blue and the Schindler House

A slight departure from signs. This orange house on a street near to a 1920s house/ museum that we had visited. I was expecting to be under whelmed by the trip but thoroughly enjoyed seeing the house which is in West Hollywood and is pictured below.

It’s designed by Schindler and it’s worth a visit. The architect designed it for himself and his wife and everything is in four foot modules. It has a very peaceful atmosphere and is strangely relaxing, unlike the vision above which might bring on epilepsy on a sunny day if one is not careful.

Even the furniture is square!

It’s 10 dollars to visit this place, or 7 for concessions. Many of L A’s art places are free to visit, this one is surprisingly pleasant and a must for modern architecture lovers, plus there’s a branch of Alfred’s Coffee house not far away.Where you can watch people interacting with their laptops and phones, also curious.

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