Try engaging.


Apologies for the not very cleaned up version of this drawing, and it really is apropo of nothing, apart from perhaps me blowing my tuba, yet again.

I was once asked by a teacher at school why I looked so miserable. I was not aware that I was, it’s just that my face fell like that. I’d like to think that this epiphany made me into the smiling cheerful chappie that I am now, but no, I still look miserable when I’m not.

However of late I have decided to engage, as the phrase goes. I have nothing to sell so it’s not as if I’m back in my role as salesman ” You are looking well, have you had your hair done?”

No, I do it for my own sake. There’s enough misery without me looking miserable. So at the checkout I always ask “How are you today?” which is their script in reverse. The response is generally good and positive, you learn about people and how they work. They generally give you polite and better service, but don’t do it when ordering a lunch, or you will find yourself eating someone else’s dinner as the engagee has got the order wrong.

So go out there and engage, if there is zero response, rise above it and saunter of like someone without a care in the world. They’ll think you’re on “day release” but what the hell.

2 thoughts on “Try engaging.

  1. I agree!!

    Thought of you this week as we passed the turning to France Lynch going cross country on our way from Bristol to Bisley for lunch! We were going back home after a funeral and needed cheering up!

    How are you all? Still working?
    Would be lovely to hear from you!

    Susie x

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