Business speak rationalised.


I’ve been working on my new website, or at least faffing about with it. Feel free to drop in there anytime you feel like it :

I have some history with websites! I got rather involved with this print company in London that promised that I could link my sites to their service, so that I could offer prints of my work without a lot of effort. Pah! Anyway to cut a long and boring story short I did eventually managed it but it meant getting a ‘self hosted’ website. This was really like putting me into a porche after my years of experience steering a shopping trolley. I did eventually manage it and got a domain to go with it, which was Don’t try going there now though, it has been retired, something that some people think I should be!

Again, cutting long story short, the print company got themsleves a bit super wrapped up in the technology, and had to change everything around. I sort of sympathised with them, as it’s something I am wont to do with monotonous regularity. I was left with no alternative than to go and get a ‘shopify’ site. So yet another learning curve. The gallery site is now no more and things have been rationalised.

So if you are still awake out there, then go and spend a little time at my new site.

I’d be very grateful for any comments about it. Incidentally, the print company and I are still on good speaking terms and I can recommend them for quality and service any time.


Reading back over the above, this has to be one of my more tedious posts, so to liven things up with yet more business speak, take a look at this:

The italics are exactly what the CEO of a large on-line grocery company said, the bits in between are my translation. I almost lapsed into his business speak with words like rationalised!

“We now have in place a platform for significant and sustainable long-term value creation.”

We are hoping to be still in business next week.

“the leading pure-play digital grocer in the UK, a world-leading provider of end-to-end e-commerce grocery solutions” and added, “our transformation journey is well under way”.

We sell groceries on line, but we are not making any money from it, yet.

He added: “Creating future value now will involve us continuing to scale the business, enhancing our platform, enabling our UK retail business to take advantage of all its opportunities for growth and innovating for the future.”

We’ll fire a few people and use as much automation as possible so that we are still in business next year.



Incidentally, one of this company’s major warehouses burnt down in a huge fire a week after he uttered these words, which is undeniably grim for them and their workers. I wish them well and a speedy recovery from it, perhaps the bosses words caught fire.

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