I see my grandsons staring back at me.


I’m in this picture, but I’m not telling you which one I am. It was taken in the early 50s when I was a pupil at Bamber Bridge Methodists School, which as the name suggests is in Bamber Bridge, Near Preston in Lancashire. I have almost no memory of the others in the picture, apart from my best friend Roger who’s in the back row and a lad called Scott, Surname I think, but he’s one of the ones wearing the NHS specs. Know the sort? The ones that would not slip down the face as they had curly bits around the ear, and wearers tened to mend any broken bits with a bit of sticking plaster. Also present is the well known snake belt, and even a child proudly wearing braces.

We all look reasonably content, because we were told to do so.

I found the print when sorting family stuff and saw my twin grandsons staring back at me, or at least a part of them.

In another envelope a ticket fell out:


The date on the back was Dec 45. There’s no doubt about it being my father’s ticket, but why had he kept it. Was it the last ticket after being de mobbed after the Second World War when he would have been going to see my mother and new born brother in St Helens. I’ll never know for sure.

If anyone out there knows, or recognises anyone from the photo, then I’d love to know. I wonder if any of them are on Facebook? Share it if you like.





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