Ring of Bright Water

This is the second of my series of black and white drawings and is where Gavin Maxwell wrote the book of the name. We went there as part of a walking holiday, and this, like all the drawings in this series, is from a photograph taken at the time. My memory of the place is of almost copmplete stillness and peace. Difficult to imagine anyone living there really, and it must have been tough.

Like the first in this series of drawings this has yet to reach the colour stage, and in some ways I’m loathe to bother, or should that be ‘lazy’ to bother. I’m good at that. Lazy that is. I can put off a task that will take minutes for weeks. When I worked professionally drawing to deadlines I’m proud to say that I rarely missed one, but my own self imposed deadlines woosh past me at an unalarming rate.

To see more of my work, where I have been adding colour then please take a look here where you can also fund my drawing habit by buying a print. Thanks for visiting the beach today.

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