Just outside Sheffield, there’s been rain.

It’s non-news really. Rain in Sheffield. A bit like three coming after two, or that a politician might have been flexible with the truth. Perhaps best not to go in that direction.

This drawing too managed to make it through to colour and you can see it right here. In many respects I like the simple line drawing.

Speaking of rain in Sheffield, then if you happen to be there, feel free to go here and get yourself one of their brilliant coffees, and the brunches and cakes are worth a detour to the summit of Walkley just on the outskirts of town. I declare an interest here, my son Joe is the prop here. He even does toast and jam some days, like it! He must take after his father, as jam and bread was my most favourite thing when I was a small child. I recall being at my most angry at a birthday party when all the fancies in the world were on offer and there were no jam butties. What was mine host thinking of for crying out loud. I even have a photo below of the event to prove it.

That’s me: Mr Grumpy fourth from the left, with my brother in matching jumper on my right.

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