Another from the archives,when I amused myself and hopefully others with my own take on Gloucestershire place names. I used to have a coat like this back when at college, I think my mother secretly disposed of it as it became a health hazard for anyone near to it, though I was immune when wearing it.

One of those parkas your dad or granddad used to own in the 70s that you never bothered to throw away. The undefined fur on the collar is somewhat perished and moth eaten. It has no waterproofing qualities at all and never did, and if mistakenly worn in wet conditions will act like blotting paper. May have the slight smell of patchouli oil, the remnants of a visit to a music festival but more likely to give off the odour of cow manure.


This is one of many drawings from my Glossary book which is a run down of the true meaing of Gloucestershire place names. They appear every month in Cotswold Life, one of those lifestyle magazines with impossibly glossy interiors and eye wateringly expensive houses.

I’ll put a few of these up in the next few days.

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