Someone’s got to live there, perhaps?

It’s a massive sprawl, with street after street of houses and offices. It ranges from the seedy, the very seedy to the rich and the very rich. Possibly there are areas where some people live that just about manage, there are certainly areas, generally near to freeway bridges were people are not even doing that. All their belongings in a small area, a tent if they are lucky and a shopping trolley. They just about exist. There’s no net for those in these areas. These are definitely the “have nots”.

No net for these poor people, this is on a slip road from a freeway.

I suppose that some of the “just abouts” might also live near the freeway, here are apartment blocks. This one looks pretty cool, but what you don’t see in this image is that this image was taken from the freeway, and there are ten lines of freeway directly in front of the building. The noise alone must be barely bearable. The pollution excessive, but I suppose it’s marginally better than a tent or nothing. It may be called Hollywood Tower but it is far from glamorous.

View from here is traffic.

Then there are the “haves”. They have houses like these here. In some areas they are even more grand than this, but they cannot generally be photographed as they lie behind very large hedges and have security coming out of every spare area.

View from these is over the City. I thought that this had a bit if a Frank Lloyd Wright feel to it, as opposed to the Millets look of the tents near the freeway.

Many of the very large houses are maintained by the people who might be living in the less than roomy apartment blocks. Many large houses seem to be populated only by the maintenance staff, generally Hispanic people armed with leaf blowers and beaten up pick ups.

Americans are philanthropists, they pride themselves on donating their massive wealth to art galleries, art collections and other worthy causes. They are generous to a fault. It’s a shame that they cannot solve the problem of the many “have nots”.

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