Lane lights in the Cotswolds and plot flowers.

A green lane in the Cotswolds

Anyone polite enough to follow this blog, and read it, will know that I’m a keen plotter. I’ve just given up my old allotment as I’ve moved house away from the area and it seemed daft to drive to it. But I have another. I’ve been given a transfer, and have now joined the Premier league of plot areas. A smaller plot than the last but enough for me. The other plotters there, are by the evidence of a good look around, the top team. I feel like a third division player dropped into the Manchester United team. A clogger amongst artists.

We shall see, when the rain stops. It’s been wet, wet, wet. I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my bones.

Reminder of sunnier days, I’d like to say these were mine
but they were on another allotment.


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