House 10. Regency view

This place overlooks a park and hence the shot. Taken a couple of years ago in the winter sunshine. Lovely round ended house, which was empty when I passed it by and took this.

I like to know the history of houses, but doubt I’ll ever know this one. One can never tell a house by the ‘cover’. I recall going to visit a house with a view to buying many years ago, and it looked great in the picture, great when we got there, but once inside neither of us could get out quick enough. Bad vibes was our description when we reported back to the agent. Not the sort of feedback he could give to anyone. On the other hand we’ve been to others and fallen for them within the first few minutes ignoring any obvious and possibly expensive works that would need to be done. All part of the fun.

As you can gather we’ve moved a few times, possibly a throwback to my mother and father who moved frequently with his job. My mother had the knack of getting a house fit to live in within about three days of the removal men leaving us to it.

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