House 21. Reflective View

Something to contemplate on a cold and wet day. This is the view from a ferry in the Greek Islands and if my memory serves me right this is where Leonard Cohen found his muse. The man was very popular with the women I went to college with back in the 60s and I could never quite understand it. Always struck me as a bit of a miserable sod, and I could not quite get why someone so miserable could be so liked by these women. It seemed there was no advantage to being cheerful. What the hell had he got to be miserable about, he was in Greece with beautiful women hanging on every word, I was in Manchester just hanging about.

He had to bonus of views like this. Where the light bounced everywhere and when I took this picture I found it hard to believe somewhere could be so bright and reflective. Or was that what was Len was doing, being brighter than me and reflective at the same time.

I’m reminded of a health and safety tale. When I worked at the factory, that’s the print works not the cool night club, our health and safety man had a habit of sticking notices everywhere. On the day that he posted a note on the mirror in the gents that read: BEWARE:VERY HOT WATER! within minutes of his posting someone else had posted BEWARE: VERY REFLECTIVE MIRROR!

Whilst we are in the reflective mood, here’s a picture from the North. It’s the biggest plughole I’ve seen for a long time. It’s one of two such things at the Ladybower Reservoir just a short drive out of Sheffield into Derbyshire where we went just a few days ago. Gives an impression of just how wet it has been over here in the last few days. Gushing! Like those girls back in the 60s if you so much as mentioned bloody Leonard Cohen.

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