Have a good week

A Park Ranger and a bear in April in LA, Bet it was hot in that suit.

One of a series of drawings from earlier posts when I tried to use the same basic drawing as often as possible. I tired of it eventually, I think others did too.

A truck in a farmers yard in South West France, it’s a mobile still, he used it to brew a sort of liquor, probably highly illegal but it was in France so people probably just gave a Gallic shrug.

Sign in LA.

Guiting Power: An actual place name in Gloucestershire which derives from the ability of the local vicar to be able to power a large bicycle at a consistent speed whatever the gradient.

Man in y fronts looking for a phone signal.

Liquor store: LA

Mural: LA

Telegraph pole: LA

Old Volvo Truck which I think was in Sardinia.

Balanced diet.

Watercolour painting in Britain.

My Rhubarb on the plot. Love rhubarb.

One of my twin grandsons, not sure which one.

My work place, at least in my mind.

An Austin A40. My Aunty Alice had one of these and to say they were small is an understatement. She claimed to have invented the screen washer after she took a squeezy bottle of soapy water with her on each journey and would squirt it on the windscreen from her driving position. It was a small enough car to be able to do this without a lot of effort.

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