Have you got a “Cheesed off by date”?

In these times when you think it might be a good idea to at least listen to some books, if not read some, you might consider downloading an audible book or three. I thought it a good idea, and steeled myself to buy something from Amazon. I could at least congratulate myself that no poor person was being forced to pack this item as it all came to me through the ether, or to be more exact, it was supposed to. But it did n’t.

Now I am a big fan of tech. I decided years ago that I would embrace it, learn from it, respect it, try to work out the logic of the person who might have sat up for nights writing the code that makes it work, or not work. The main rule for me then was not to get frustrated by it. To be calm. Not to mutter at it, kick the desk, swear at the screen, or get in any way cheesed off. I thought that if I did this it would work and everyone would be happier.

I also chose to use, if at all possible, the so called ‘chat help lines’ on these big platforms to get help. Here I found a way to assemble my thoughts on an issue and write it down for the poor chatterer in some other dimension, to type back to me with a solution. But even I, having used this method for some years to great success, have a ‘cheesed off by date’.

I think that a rolling wheel, looking a little like a hamster toy, is perhaps the most aggravating thing to see on a screen. I’ve been watching a hamster wheel doing just that for far too long this morning as I try to get some help downloading an audio book from the Big A people.

Jomo tried to help and suggested that I update the iPad, which I did, but the dreaded hamster wheel is back, and the hamster seems to have gone out for a while. I lost connection with Mr Jomo when I updated so it’s all back to square one. I have to give my story to the detectives yet again. ” In your own words Mr Davies please describe what happened at the scene of the crime” ” But I’ve already told Detective Jomo about this, it was Mr Hamster, in the library, with the lead piping” ….” Im afraid your going to have to tell me all about it again”

Is this rough justice for getting involved in the Big A.

What goes around comes around and that little hamster wheel carries on going round.

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