Green relief

Out and about on a socially distanced walk in the vivid green British countryside with my good friend Robin, the best of company, with a picnic and a beer brought along named after the inventor of the lawn mower: Edwin Budding. I can’t recall a much better day in many respects, except when we last did it, without distancing and when the pubs were open. It was so green I thought my camera, locked down for weeks, might have a bit of a ‘turn’.

This tree looks like a giant that’s fallen with his arms out and his mouth open, he’ been there for months
Cow parsley on the top meadow, Robin taking it all in: nice hat.
Down the valley and a lovely little field gate

Down by the canal, water low, not surprisingly as it’s been dry for weeks
Willow and reeds on the canal as we walk the towpath
The Valley bottom on the way back before the climb through the woods to finish.

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