“Keep Hauling” played and sung on the banks of the Severn.

A day out by the River Severn at a social distance from my good friend and melodeon player Robin Burton. We had a programme, song first, then a circular walk from the Old Passage Inn on the banks of the Severn. A light lunch on the banks of the river, complete with a small glass of Stroud Brewery Tom Long Bitter beer, before turning back to the village of Arlingham, and then back to the cars at the Inn. Another great day out and a fine rendition of what sounds a tad like a sea shanty but isn’t, and is in fact a modern song.

I’d recommend singing by a river to anyone. I chose not to join in on this one, apart from a grumble about a helicopter coming to spoil the peace at the end. Enjoy.

I could not wait to publish this,
so apologies for leaving in my unintended intro and my comment at the end
about the helicopter.
The middle bit needs no cutting.

This impressive barn was on our track back and in the village, it looked like it has been abandoned, broken doors and no sign of the animals, just what they left behind. Rather a sad site really.
The wagtails liked it though.

2 thoughts on ““Keep Hauling” played and sung on the banks of the Severn.

  1. Thanks for not calling me a VP of Global Marketing…. I am not yet a melodeon player either… another ten years of practice required. Should have started age six rather than sixty…

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