Yorkshire Tea

I make no excuses for re-visiting this subject. Many people have heard of Yorkshire tea, but not many people know where it’s from. The T fields of Barnsley are awash with product. Rotherham has one or two cultivated areas of tea production. It’s about the only cultivated thing in Rotherham. Although they do make the most excellent greenhouses there, I know I have one, so you would expect cultivation to be rife, but the tea grows better in Barnsley.

People should know that Yorkshire tea is harvested almost entirely at night by ex miners watched over by their ‘norahbatties’ which is the local name for supervisors. It is done almost entirely at night in the small hours, look out for it if you visit the area. Approaching the pickers or their ‘batties’ is not recommended, however a short greeting of ‘ Nahten’ might elicit a response.

2 thoughts on “Yorkshire Tea

  1. Hi Paul, Every time I see a box of Yorkshire tea I think of Lizzie Moyes who painted the scenes of village life on them. If you want your work to go out to a wider audience you can’t do much better than that! Keep those cartoons coming, All the best, Tim

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