Barbecue weather on its way

This was from a few years ago when I had an exhibition of drawings inspired by “Pont”, and early Punch cartoonist who specialised in drawing the foibles of the British. This was in the late 30s when the concept of men cooking out doors would have been foreign to him, as it is to me now.

What is it with these things that men cook enough protein to feed a small army in one fell swoop? I hear that we are in for some hot weather which means that men will be digging out barbecue sets from the back of a shed and looking where they can buy meat in bulk. There will have to be social distancing of course, not a problem from my point of view, I’ll be keeping well clear.

Stay safe, cook indoors.

I posted this about a year ago and it’s getting to that time of year again when men who can’t cook think they can if there’s the equivalent of a small forge to cook over. The only problem at present is the huge amount of rain that has been falling and still does. Leaden skies unfortunately don’t always put off these pyrotechnic hooligans, as they line up their sausages to savage.

Whatever you do don’t eat anything they have cooked. It’s likely to be either charcoal ( good for the digestion but in small amounts ) or nicely raw in the middle ( good for nothing )

2 thoughts on “Barbecue weather on its way

  1. What always baffles and amuses me – also from years living in Germany where the first moderately warm day in February encourages everyone to wheel out the barbecue – is why men who wouldn’t dream of going near a stove at any other time of the year suddenly think they are accomplished chefs. I once escaped food poisoning by a whisker when someone only cooked a pork chop on one side and served it with his wife’s ‘special’ sauce, mayo with garlic crushed into it…

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