It’s to do with the reds…

My walking friend Robin tell me that the stunning light at this time of year is down to dust and the reds in the air. I think that’s what he said but like in my maths lessons at school I was not concentrating enough. My mind has a habit of wandering off, it’s a little like my sense of direction. Rescue is at hand in the form of an App on my phone that tells me where we are, and where we should be. Of course the problem is making sure there’s enough juice in the phone to keep it going, which seems to be a problem more and more as my phone ages. Battery seems to leak power at an alarming rate making me believe that there is built in obsolescence, so that I can easily be persuaded to go and buy another. Perhaps I should blame that on the reds too.

To bear witness to the reds in the air here are some of my recent images of lovely Derbyshire.

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