Drawing a cat in a hat at speed…

With the new lockdown imminent then one of the outlets for my “Books for Children Project” will be closed. The books have been available at the Longfield shops in Cheltenham and Stroud and as these are considered non-essential shops I’m assuming that they will be closed from this coming Thursday.

So I’m making extra efforts to sell the books from my website.

You can buy them from here using PayPal and I will send your ten pound donation to Longfield, or you can get in touch and arrange to pay them direct.

Longfield do a brilliant job looking after people at the other end of life to my prospective audience for the books. For a reminder about what the books are about then please take a look here.

They make a brilliant little stocking filler for small children. I hope you enjoy my little video.

Here’s how the drawing in the little movie looks in the final book.

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