Severn Meadow

Something that will hopefully cheer you at the start of a wet week here in the UK. This is taken from a walk some time ago by the River Severn here in Gloucestershire. I took a photograph and then created a line drawing. My plan, such as it is, is to convert the line drawing into a colour image digitally without losing the atmospheric feel of the original.

There are times when I manage to kill if off completely, which to me is a side effect of digital imagery. Much of it loses its ‘feel’. Hopefully not the case here, where this summer meadow near the river buzzed with wildlife and insect life, the latter doing their best to bite us as often as possible.

When I’ve finished any of these digital images, and I’m really never sure that one ever really finishes them, I think that I should be perhaps trying to do the colour without resorting to staring at a computer, but I never really have got the hang of applying colour for real, so you’ll have to just deal with the digital.

Thanks for dropping in.

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