Digital progress, or is it?

Here we have the original pen and ink drawing with no digital faffing about, just a scan or in this case two scans and the two joined together as you can probably see in parts. Striving to add colour without losing the feel of this original I have divided it into areas and then added colour, rather like a painting by numbers, then to get away from that I have washed over other colours in photoshop to make it feel less antiseptic. But now I’m sceptical about antiseptic. I’m not anti sceptical, in fact I’m all for it. Stop!!!

Here’s the colour version. Like all my drawings it is never finished so I may torture it some more before I say it is finished.

I never really liked adding colour to my drawings. You can take this as a sort of excuse, but the bit I really like doing is the actual line drawing. I tend not to agonise over it whereas when it comes to colour I really do start to get art bollox leanings, muttering things like: “Has it lost it’s energy?” by which I really mean” Is it crap or not?”

I’ll let you be the judge of that, for my part I just don’t know. I find it useful to wander off and come back later to look at it. If I get that slightly warm feeling rising up the back of the neck, I just know it’s not doing it for me Doctor.

Cheerio. See you later.

2 thoughts on “Digital progress, or is it?

  1. I think that both images are valid. You can keep both types I think.

    You could colour them in differently and have a collage in a sort of Andy Warholesque approach to landscape. Or you could leave it as it is… which is bloody good.

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