Sunny California

This is a Car Museum in Los Angeles taken in 2019. Every day is sunny there or so it seems, and of course nobody has a proper job, they are all aspiring actors. The only place where acting is thought of as a proper job. My own profession: cartoonist, is seen as something of a joke by a lot of people. I got used to the incredulous stare when I was asked what I did to earn a crust back in the day, usually followed by “Really?”, quickly followed by ” Who for?” as if I did cartoons for a newspaper. I did n’t, I did them for anyone who wanted them. Then the next statement ” Oh! My favourite cartoonist is: Insert anyone but me here “. My response was usually to just nod and try and change the subject.

Perhaps I should have done what my father: a policeman, used to say when asked what he did. He just said he worked for the post office. There was never a follow up question, just a look of resigned pity. It saved him from a lots of grumbling people, unless they had a problem with the Post Office.

What does this have to do with a Car Museum in Los Angeles? Search me.

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