Where’ve you been?

Nowhere. Like everyone else I’ve been nowhere but around where we live.

I’ve also been pretty quiet on the blogging front too. But like a duck in the water I’ve been paddling away. More projects and one in particular has taken quite a bit of my time. I have a habit of never finishing projects and it may well be tricky to get to the end of this blog without drifting off.

That aside I’m determined that my new project will take off and it’s all about t shirts. Odd really, but I never wear them myself, but leapt at the chance to ‘design’ some and get them out there. They’re here

With my good friend Alan we have been rattling out quite a lot of designs. Why do we do it? Because it’s there, and we actually enjoy doing it. I’ve even been advertising them on Facebook.How’s it going? Well, I cannot pretend that we are selling millions. It seems that the easy bit is getting them on a site. Selling them is an entirely other matter.

Getting a celeb to wear one and be photographed in one would be a fine start, but we don’t know any celebs. Social media will help, and we’ve done quite a bit of that, both on Facebook where we have a page, and on Instagram where we have had a lot of likes, but not many people reaching for their wallet.

My son, who is never short of an opinion, suggested designs based on ‘events’ and ventured an idea for a shirt about a recent raid on an armoured van in South Africa. Search “Phone Robbie” on you tube and you can see it. It’s pretty compelling viewing. I spent a tenner on promoting the t shirt on Facebook and it got 7.7k engagements and over a 100 click links to a website. I suspect the links were to You Tube! I may well have been paying for advertising them. You can see the page here.

So at present I am in the danger zone, where I recognise that I might abandon. I’ve done this on other projects and regretted it, so we’ll be sticking in there.

I like the idea of a couple of 70 plus year olds designing t shirts. Why not? It would be even better if it took off, and we are going to try our best to get it to do that. So if I’m a bit quiet on this blog front, you at least know that I’ve not given up on this project.

This design is for kids, and is part of a complete cat alphabet.
This super typographic design by Alan is one of a few on the site,
some people say that typography is a bit of a ‘marginal’ subject for t shirt design, but I think not.
Why pander to populists? Comic Sans won’t happen here as it’s sans humour ( or style)
We’ve done a few on songs that we like and will be developing more as we go.
I suppose that not many younger people will know this song, but for the ones that do, here’s to you.
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5 thoughts on “Where’ve you been?

  1. Perhaps you should make a point of being 70 plus and design T shirts for the 70 plus age bracket. Comments about younger folk, the woes of technology and the country going to the dogs for example.. Don’t give in, never surrender!

  2. Or why not do one for melodeon players and their long suffering family… I’d buy one.

  3. Hi Paul,
    Good to hear from you again .i wonder if if your friend Alan is indeed Alan
    Loft House?
    If so love and best wishes to both of you.
    I like the typo. T’s
    Hope that this email gets to you ok and that the message is clear ? As
    You can see I’ve not yet mastered Tec.
    Best wishes to you all
    Kenny xx

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Hi Kenny
      Sent you a separate email to this, but just in case: the Alan was not the Lofthouse! It’s another good friend from around here, of the same vintage as us! I’ll tell him about your kind comments on the typo t shirts, he’ll be pleased. Hope you got my other email. I think you do have the tech sorted! Much more than some. Xxx

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