How does he do it?

Another of my portrait shots and unusually in this one my good friend Al Blethyn is facing the camera. He wears well does this fellow. We shared offices for nearly ten years and never a cross word. Unusually in this picture he’s not smiling broadly, which is something we do a lot when we meet. He’s a fine designer with a brilliant feel for type. We are at present collaborating on designing t shirts! Possibly the oldest t shirt designers in the country. Take a look at them here, and you’ll see what I’m on about when it comes to type.

This shot taken recently on the banks of the Wye in Herefordshire where he now lives. An afternoon with him puts my jawline in danger from all the smiling and laughing. We might not agree on everything but we are still looking for the things we don’t generally agree on.

Altogether a very agreeable chap with more hair on his head than he has a right to at his age.

He’s probably asking me if I’ve got that little portrait symbol showing on the camera button

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