Working Man’s Songs

Perhaps it’s a sign of age or something that when workmen, or builders are in the house, I find it hard to concentrate. First of all I need to know if they are able to function without a cup of tea to sustain them till the next cup. “Milk and 3 sugars please mate”…no problem.What’s the point of tea which is essentially sugar solution? I think to myself.

Why are they here? They come to make improvements to the kitchen including replacing the dishwasher with a new one, the old one is 27 years old and was, until a few hours ago, performing brilliantly. It should get a long service medal. Apparently the new one will connect to the internet if you want it to. Why would you? I bet it does not last 27 years.

It’s interesting to hear and gauge the tone of progress as they wrestle bits of worktop and units. If it’s silent they are thinking hard what to do next and saving their energy for the effort required. Once problems are solved then one hears the odd line from a song ringing out as the tall one with few teeth ( 3 Sugars? ) lets go on a quick chorus, generally incomplete. It’s frustrating to know which song it is, I’m sure he’s singing the whole thing in his head and hearing it all, but just the odd line comes out. It’s like an old vinyl record that jumps across a few tracks. I’d like to say that his voice is a discovery, but it isn’t. No new X factor sensation here, but he does a fine job on a worktop fitting.

I suppose I should put in images here of a builder singing but I prefer these random images. So like his songs I’ve gone off at a tangent for no obvious reason.

Steps to the beach at Whitby, from a holiday in Yorkshire earlier in the year.

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