Trabant and foundry

This is an old East German car: a Trabant. It’s not done many miles recently. Followers of my missives will recall perhaps that I featured one of these taken on a holiday in Puglia, Italy a couple of years ago. That one was in the middle of some sunny olive groves. This one overlooks an old broken down foundry in Yorkshire.

I like taking pictures of abandoned cars and detritus. My feeling about this one and the others is : “What’s the story?” How did an East German car come to be in Yorkshire?

2 thoughts on “Trabant and foundry

  1. Hi Paul, My ex sister-in-law’s husband (we now see more of them than when she was married to my wife’s brother) is a rally scrutineer and at the moment is checking Trabants that have been imported by Guy Martin to take part in a race he will be showing on television soon. Not sure is this is hush hush. He lives in Yorkshire but the cars are all around the country. Hope you daughter is progressing well. All the best, Tim

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