Winter Plottage

Not this winter but the winter of the first lockdown. The ethereal winter light helps this image. Not my plot but a neighbour who had it all dug over and ready for action, sadly he made the mistake ( if there is such a thing in gardening ) of leaving quite a lot of weed root in his diggings and it has many weeds now.

There are various schools of thought about how to get rid of couch grass which can be really difficult to eliminate. We don’t use weedkillers around here so it’s a choice of picking out every root you can and putting them in the bin. The roots are like white little snakes and a small piece will re grow with vigour. I am trying this year an oldish experiment which involves digging the weeds into one large pile, clamping them all up, then covering with black plastic, so no light gets to them. In the past this has worked to a degree.

I have also had a load of soil conditioner delivered which has given instant winter results: a bad back and a touch of sciatica. We’ve had loads of rain this Christmas but very mild days. So grass has continued to grow as has my spinach and I managed to fish out a couple of beetroots today. Sun has been in short supply, blink and you’d miss it. Below is todays image, this being my neighbour Steve’s plot complete with a covering of the magic soil conditioner. This bit of sunshine lasted all of ten minutes or so.

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