”Mayo” weather in Merica.

A trip to America now that they will let us in to see family. I’m writing this on a plane that recently took off from Heathrow. Idiotically dressed in a fine new pair of trousers that I’ve managed to vandalise within ten minutes of arriving at the airport dropping a blob of mayo from my home made sandwich right onto my crotch. After wiping myself down I looked like the result of pre flight nerves on my bladder, and assured my wife that other people would keep will out of range of us as my look was starting to look ‘unfortunate’. On reflection I think I’ll travel in future in my gardening clothes.

We got here with no more major problems to see family not seen for 2 years. Now in LA with a completely unsuitable wardrobe of jumpers, puffa jacket and trousers that have thankfully made their way to a wash.

This is a house in the neighbourhood, yes, the sky is that colour and it’s jolly warm. You might even call it ‘mayo’ weather.

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