On the streets and by the river

Ordinary picture perhaps but look at the bottom right. That’s right, a man playing the trumpet under a ten lane highway.

A walk by the Los Angeles River with concrete, cranes ( the bird variety ) coffee shops, industrial units, sports cars,and a bike path. The start of the walk under a huge highway roaring with traffic, so how the trumpeter heard what he was playing is beyond me.

A strange mix of old industrial units and scrap metal places with the occasional small house here and there. Some great yellow vehicles too, well set off by the blue sky and some considerable mobile phone masts.

It’s art, but not as we know it.
Lovely yellow food truck parked outside a brewery, what’s not to like
This could have been in Hackney, apart from the sunshine.
Somehow a symbol of modern L A, phone mast and palm tree.
…not forgetting the wires everywhere.
…and to end: yellow car.

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