Flag waving

Not everyone lives in a huge house with a pool in California, as I have previously pointed out some live in tents on freeway bridges, and some under freeway bridges. There are also what they call condos and we would call flats. Blocks of living space, sometimes with pools for use of the residents, though I doubt they have had much use in the pandemic. One is hardly likely to share a patch of water with a stranger in these strange days.

This is a block of apartments, a condo, just around the corner. Late afternoon sun makes for high contrast in this image.
This has a slight Tyrollean flavour to it, it’s actually not a house but part of a small apartment block.
This bungalow sandwiched between two blocks has the same footprint of the blocks, almost, but houses a mere fraction of the population.
…and to end on this little bungalow, just around the corner from the massive CBS Film studios is the smallest I’ve seen in this area. “Cute” as they say out here.

I recall back in the 70s on my first trip here, our good friend Derrick, an ambitious solicitor who shared the same house in multiple occupation as I did in Shepherds Bush, came over to California and trained as a lawyer over here. He invited us to stay at his condo, and after long very uncomfortable flight with Laker Airways we landed at LAX . The very name Laker Airways dates it! Derek’s condo was about 10 times the living space he had in Shepherds Bush and a far cry from his origins in Nottinghamshire. No wonder he wanted to stay. I lost touch with him, but would not be surprised if he became a big cheese out here.

I forget where his condo was located but he’s probably moved on to a large house with a flag on the porch.


Update on the last two paras.

Having written this yesterday I thought to look up Derrick on Google and found someone who might have been him in L.A. So I emailed and it was him. He became a trial lawyer out here, and it sounds like he did do well. We plan to meet in the future when we revisit California, and compare memories of our time in downtown Shepherds Bush. I did not ask him about the flag.

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