Before the Shopping 2007

A somewhat grainy image of a former factory from 2007 in the midst of its demolition to be replaced by a Shopping Centre in the docks area of Gloucester. As my memory serves me this was taken at Christmas time when there was little going on in the site and it was one of those bright winter days, a little in short supply as I write.

This was the Fielding and Platt building, manufacturing all sorts of hydraulic heavy lifting gear and if you want to know more they have a brilliant website right here The only heavy lifting around here now is done by shoppers.

So heavy engineering and a lost history was replaced by shopping. Even the flooring for the new Shopping Centre came from overseas, as no doubt, many of the goods for sale in the place.

And what did this massive change do for the City?

The good thing is it brought many more visitors into Gloucester and the Docks, but the downside is it sucked out all those who might have gone to the shops in the City. So Gloucester city centre is now looking very forlorn with many more empty shops.

So not only did it demolish a fine history with years of heritage, it also demolished any chances for the shops in the centre to regenerate and thrive. That’s well before Covid, so whatever is left in the centre has that to deal with too.

At least today the shops are closed…well most of them.


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