Fisherwoman : Nairn, Scotland.

Some years ago we took a holiday in Scotland and were heading for the walking places. The day before the organised walking we had the time to visit Nairn, where we came across this really brilliant statue. You can read more about it here.

Statues have been much in the news of late either because they are unbelievably awful or they have links to the grimmer parts of our history. Some of the awful ones are footballers or former footballers, outside stadia, and frankly they do nothing for either the subject or the Stadia.

Then one comes across one that really does look like a real person properly immortalised and to me this is one of them.

I’m glad we visited Nairn and even more pleased that we got to see this brilliant piece. Read all about it from the link in the first paragraph, it’s worth the jump.

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