Light, water, flowers, landscapes and a talent for putting it all on paper.

I dabble. I do websites, which is the sort of thing anyone can do within reason these days. In days past one had to be able to write code and the like, but modern technology has got on top of all that and by putting templates in place, one does not have to do all that clever stuff any more.

I used to use a company called Moonfruit for quite a lot of the sites I did. What happened to them? They sold to Yell. Result: massive drop in quality of service. Then they got into so much trouble with the tech that they just gave up on it. I liked it because it was a British company and they were extremely helpful.

Now I use Wix. Pretty good I think. One of the ‘victims’of the Moonfruit debacle was my friend Rosalind Forster’s site. I’ve been rebuilding her site over the last few days. What a treat to see her work. She’s had thousands of visitors to her old site over the years, but now we have to start building that again, the numbers and the site.So if you can take a trip over to her site from here it would be much appreciated.

She is a watercolorist and Lino printmaker. You can also find her here if you would like to buy from her. I’m usually left cold by still life images produced by many artists, but she is a big exception. She has a way of capturing light, both in her still life images and in her brilliant landscapes. In the earlier days of her career she produced large Lino cut prints, using the reduction method. There are just a few of these prints still available. They have multiple colours and really are works of art in their own accord. Take a look, plenty to choose from.

Here are one or two of the works you might find:

This is one of her watercolours.
Another watercolour, see what I mean about the light?
This one is a Lino cut print. This is in Spetses in Greece where she spends a lot of her time these days.
Another of her excellent Lino cut prints. Go and look at more right here

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