Mendip Gorge looking up…

This is the view from one of my regular walks with my good friend Richard. We’ve done the walk about 4 times now and the plan is to set of from Priddy a small stretched out village on the top of the Mendip Hills in Somerset, then to walk down to Wookey Hole, where there is a place to partake of a regulation cuppa before the walk back up to the top, through the woods and up a gorge. This is quite narrow and steep and it’s from here that I took this image. Looking up to a perfect blue sky. Then into the woods and back to Priddy where one can drop into the Pub for a small beverage to celebrate one’s return.

We’ve had cause to celebrate our return with some relief three times as we have managed to get lost on three occasions. Fourth time was the one time we managed the route without having to do the extra tramping involved from taking a wrong turn, so we used that as the reason for a celebratory small beverage on our fourth completely successful ramble.

Which might be a description of this, a bit of a ramble.

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