Plotting trees and vegetables, bees and borage.

Back on the plot and it’s baking hot. First of all spent the early morning on a tree plot where my wife and I help out for a charity that grows trees, can you get any more worthy?

An early start to try to avoid the intense heat and then some weeding of the rows of young trees. A short break mid weeding for a herbal infusion and some home made flapjack, can you get any more middle class?

It’s amazing how much you can get done on a large plot with loads of people to help, after a couple of hours the place looked great and we are confident that the tree will survive and prosper.

This photo taken from ground level as Elisabeth shows off her fine sunhat.

Back to base and a spot of lunch, when I then tried to shade my greenhouse otherwise in a few days we’ll have fried green tomatoes. Found a large piece of cardboard that I knew would come in handy one day, but getting it down from the garage very nearly ended in me falling from the ladder. Managed to frighten myself! A siesta followed.

Nerves recovered, this evening off to my own plot to check if everything was ok. A few fine young carrots. I suspect the bugs were just not expecting them as they are generally clean and healthy, very tasty too.

Took a few photos to try out my latest eBay purchased camera and very pleased with the results so far. I love buying things on eBay and I surmise generally that it’s best to try and buy using evidence from the photos and the location, in this case a respectable part of the Lake District and what seemed to be a woman seller was a good omen. They tend to look after their cameras and then not use them much. I was right. A quick read of the instructions during siesta time helped, though generally I’m not good at following instructions, ask Elisabeth. ( Take driving:The invention of the Sat Nav resolved my inbred feeling that we were always going the right way, and that I should ignore any instructions telling me to go in another direction emanating from the passenger seat.)

Tried a few experimental shots with new camera. This is Borage growing within my spud crop. Great for bees but a bit of a thug as it goes forth and germinates everywhere.

And this is the same bunch of borage taken from below, with resident bee getting his tea.

Stay cool everyone.

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