Your house is bigger than mine.

A day out in Dinard, across the water from St Malo in northern France. We took a walk along the edge of the coast along a concrete walkway which serves as a breakwater to prevent erosion and lets one see the amazing collection of villas perched atop of the rocks.

There’s a sort of signature one as you come across the water

Then along the footpath plenty more. This was a place where the English first came for fancy holidays in the 1800s but they did not necessarily build these. They all seem to have that unique French feel and are all huge. Not a bungalow in site here. When you walk further inland there are more. Most of them seemed to be deserted on the day we went apart from some maintenance men and decorators.

Who gets the East Tower?
They just love their towers
Veranda heaven, but what’s that thingy across the road?
“I’ll have a large whisky on the rocks”
Another big one, with the only other person around who was with me, this one more safely inland.
This one far too close to the edge, I don’t think I’d sleep well there.

…and this is a hotel on the beach, lovely proportions and with beach changing cabins beneath. Queen Hortense was a relative of Bonaparte, but did not necessarily stay for B@B.

Interestingly all these huge places seemed to be in very good condition.

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