Most people look the other way

But I do rather like the look of chimneys and rooftops. We are in St Malo for a weeks walking, which is mainly round the coast. Some great days we’ve had and we splashed out on a lunch out yesterday. I’m not one to take pictures of my food generally, but could not resist these two. Top one is slow cooked beef on beans and the next one is sea bass fillet on carrot. They were truly excellent and mine gave me a week’s protein in one sitting.

Holidays would not be holidays if you had nothing to tell the folks back home how brilliant it was or how truly awful, this was the former so will leave it at that.

Beef, beans and gravy. Brilliant.
Fish swimming in deliciousness.

This is the standard view of St Malo…

And it was taken from the end of the breakwater below.

Going home in the morning and now mulling over what sort of meal we can get out of the bits left in the fridge, a test of culinary creativity. There’s half a packet of ham and a bit of cheese, some leaves of some description, three tomatoes, the end of a piece of chicory ( something we only buy in France ) and a few capers and anchovies, plus enough pasta for a child and a small one at that. Oh and some fermented milk, which I mistakenly thought was semi skimmed until it made goblets in the tea. It’s rather tasty to drink, but not with tea. Ideas on a seaside postcard please.

I suppose we might have foraged this wild growing spinach, or perhaps it was better left well alone.

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