Cooking the Goose…

There’s nothing like a good walk and a selection of home made biscuits to cheer the soul. My good friend Mike and I managed to avoid talking about politics almost completely today, going on about food instead. There’s something quite relaxing about talking about food whilst walking. We had the bonus of a brilliant days sunshine and were able to partake of some delicious biscuits made by Mike’s wife Judy, who’s baking skills are somewhat legendary. I’d made the tea and doled that out from my flask whilst we sat on a hillside in the balmy sunshine overlooking the Gloucestershire countryside with Red Kite wheeling around above, panic stricken pheasants below looking like politicians running for cover, and further down the hill a field full of geese…

“What does one have with goose?” I asked Mike, he being a bit of a “foodie”

“Fat” he responded. Not quite the answer I was looking for.

Mike’s the tall thin one on the left…
One of my favourite trees on the walk.
Goose Fat in a field.

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