Last stand of the newsstand.

Newsstand Dave

This is Dave, he works on one of only four surviving newsstands in LA, just around the corner from where I’m staying. I meant to take a picture of this last time I was here , so I made sure not to miss the opportunity this time on a bright sunny morning, with the sun on the newsstand. Dave offers a massive selection of magazines here.

I recall that we had newspaper sellers in the UK. Generally just a guy on a street corner with a small box and a poster on each side of the box with a headline on it. Unlike Dave, these men, and it was predominantly men, wore big gabardine coats in all weathers and only sold one product, either the daily paper in the morning, or the evening paper for the journey home. They were thick on the ground around large railway stations. You’d be wise in those days to offer them the exact change in cash for the paper, or you might get a mouthful. It’s also my memory that they seemed to bark a lot, generally it was something along the lines of “Get yer news” on repeat. I recall that one seller in Manchester used to shout very loudly “ All the winnas, skinny winnas!” I never really understood what he was referring to be thought it might be to do with horse racing and betting. I’m pretty sure that all these gentlemen were keen visitors to the local bookmakers. I suspect they have all been made extinct by now, with the advent of more than enough information on any phone.

Hopefully Dave will remain and this lovely newstand with him.

As you can see, not short of passing traffic.
Here’s a drawing done some years ago of the Manchester news seller. Now an extinct species.
Another version, if it was a slow news day in Manchester they used to use the Pope headline to shift a few copies, the fact was that within the paper there would indeed be no news about the Pope.

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