Wires crossed.

They love their wires here, strung out over the whole city, apart from Beverly Hills, where they like to hide them underground. We get our wires crossed here in many ways, like they think we’re Australian and that maths has no ‘s’ on the end of it. The phrase “Do the math” sounds like something uttered by someone with a lisp, and is possibly the most annoying sentence along with the single word: “Awesome” which generally means that whatever is being referred to is not, and is over used everywhere. But that’s just me being boorishly British.

I can almost hear my daughter saying “Give it a rest Dad”. So I will.

Wandering around the area yesterday I happened upon two great signs, Liquorice Pizza and behind it an ancient old sign for Arts Delicatessen. The former is named after a film made in this very area, so a bit of a tribute to the film, which is odd , because the film is neither iconic, not particularly well known, and struggles to get 3 stars on Google.

The latter is a quite ancient Jewish Deli, that suffered a lot in the recent pandemic and is hopefully now recovering. Long may it live. Its sign is as ancient and stylish as the day it was put up there many years ago. It’s a tribute to the sign maker that it has survived so long. We hope to go in there soonish to sample the delights under the sign. I’ll let you know if it lives up to its reputation which is considerably better than Liquorice Pizza which is not a pizza place at all, but sells ephemera and t shirts.

It’s all enough to cross anyone’s wires.

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