On the street, again.

Insurance, it’s the big thing out here

You need to have insurance out here. Medical is a must as health treatments are so expensive. The guys selling this stuff must be making a bean or two too. The Accident Guys for instance, they must be making enough to have a big sign like this. Interestingly no contact info on their poster, sold entirely on the name so no doubt easy to find on Google.

Signs are just everywhere and fight for attention, they must work or people would simply not buy them but in parts they seem to overwhelm the street. As for Shakey’s, they’ve been there since 1954 so it must work for them. A bunch of lunch sounds like it might have a few calories to offer, and how clever to make that bit of the sign look crowded out like two fat people in a lift. These guys have thought it all out.

I was pootling down the street looking for one of LA’s oldest art supply shops. It did not disappoint, they had everything there and I felt a little bad about only coming away with a modest pad of drawing paper. Like decimalisation here is a fad, they still used inches to measure pads rather than our A4 A3 A2 sizing method, I bought one that was a 9” x 12” layout pad and parted with around 15 dollars for it. It would be about half that price in the UK but then they do have to pay the rent and for the upkeep of their sign. They’ve been here since 1944, so must be doing something right. That’s antique in these parts.

Art on the street.

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