Bigger than Christmas…

Thanksgiving. An event here that’s bigger than Christmas. Getting into the swing of it, son in law and I went off with a shopping list. No thousand yard stare at a grubby handwritten note for us, we had the digital version on the phone, so problems with shorthand like wu liquid and stuff instead of stuffing did not arise, but still ‘men shopping’ with inherent danger of off piste decisions. We very proudly returned with all the right things in the right order. I know, not much of a story, but we were proud of ourselves.

And a comparison to British shopping? Yes everything is bigger. Portions of meat are massive. Pork chops the size of a piglet. Even toilet rolls are longer by some yards. I like the way that brown recycled paper bags are used as standard ( in this place anyway ) Onions the size of footballs, and speaking of footballs I have to go. We play against them in the World Cup in a couple of hours, so need to get settled in.

None of this sort of thing

More of this

Recycled World Cup Chair.

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