Art revisited…

A return trip to LACMA, one of the art galleries in LA. Closed on Wednesdays, so caught it this time. Loads to see in spacious airy galleries. I’ve often wondered what it must be like to be employed to watch the people looking at the pictures. If you’re a natural people watcher then to be surrounded by them and fine art must be good, but I suspect, by the miserable people on watch on this day, that this is not a job full of joy. Could be worse, they could be working for inland immigration whose natural demeanour is enough to make you want to go home.

First stop on the tour was to see the modern art collection, some real gems here too. I loved this one :

…and this is what it says about it

I really took to this one too, lovely feeling of light.

Rahul Dufy painting

I’d like both of these on a wall at home, but I’ll have to win big on the national lottery.

I would not choose this, but one cannot be unimpressed by its power. Bit creepy.

Loved these two, winter and summer. Pissarro did both.

There were a few sculptures too, Giacometti’s work was well represented as were some by Picasso, though the paintings of his in there were not to my taste. Sorry Pablo.

There were some other abstracts that caught my eye

I like the Spam one beyond a large art guard. No missing him.
This row of sculpted heads appealed

And good to see this in its original state. Modigliani masterpiece.

Finally here is a detail from a conventional painting. Like this too.

This is just a brief feeling for what we could see, in addition there was a floor of Swedish design, which was really impressive, as well as an area devoted to image making derived from modern advertising which I found more than a bit up itself and worse than that, dull, so I did not linger long there.

It was yet another great day out for us.

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