One of my oldest drawings.

Done some 40 plus years ago and was one for an exhibition on British Institutions, this one being “Fair Play” as I recall. Given that in the last few years I’ve been doing a lot of landscapes this one stands up ok. I never used reference much so it just came from my head. For my recent landscapes I use my photographs as reference.

The original ended up on the wall of my mother in laws beautiful cottage on a hillside in Shropshire. It lived there for years and I was always very pleased that she put it in a prominent position over the dining table. Most people choose the smallest room to display my work if they have bought it, and tell me I’ll never guess where it is. I usually do, and add that at least you can sit down and contemplate it.

These days it reminds me of some very happy years visiting there. It came home to me some years ago, and I’m not sure where I’ve put it, but it was a joy to come across this copy of it.

I hope you like it. For the techies out there, the original is around A2, drawn with Pentel Sign Pen ( I still use them now! ) magic marker colour, and a bit of chalk pastel here and there. Drawn on layout paper then mounted on board. That’s how I did it back then, magic markers went some years ago, much to the relief of anyone visiting my studio as the fumes were pretty pungent. I never really noticed but did occasionally get light headed, which I thought was the creative juices rather than chemical. It was chemical.

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