Box full of drawings…

I’m having a board meeting. The is how I like to look at my work from time to time. I review it and then decide what to do with it next, some of it gets shredded if I think that I cannot rescue it. The ones that make it to the board usually survive. Going clockwise here they are the colour drawing ( one of several in the box ) of a landscape in Derbyshire, the next one is a corrugated shed in a field, done a couple of years ago. I did quite a lot of these indian ink drawings during lockdown. The tree on the top right is an atmospheric ink and pastel drawing of a spot in Derbyshire. Below that on the right is one of a few sheds here. Two sheds in the middle, one on the right in Slad near Stroud, to the left of that a slated shed that is in South West France. To the left of the French shed is a farm in Derbyshire, below that a meadow in Ross on Wye. The style to its right is on the South Downs Way. Dry stone wall is from Derbyshire again and then bottom right: this drawing is a flooded field in South West France.

The bottom left is a corrugated iron church in the Malvern area and last, bottom right is Cynthia’s shed. Cynthia is one of my neighbours on my allotment and I shall be letting her have this original in due course. Always happy to donate to the the owners of my subjects, sheds are one of my very favourite subjects.

A number of these are now starting to appear on my shop website which I’m in the middle of building where in conjunction with the Print Space in London people can have the opportunity to prints of my work. Take look here

I’d welcome any feedback on it, but it is a work in progress. The aim of the project is to put my work out there rather than just put it in a drawer! I will be offering to sell these originals at very reasonable prices in due course, when I’ve worked out exactly how to do that on the website. Hope you like them.

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