Dave Smith

Very sad news today when I heard that my old friend Dave Smith has died.

Dave was a tutor at Manchester College of Art when I was there. He didn’t teach me but he was a frequent football companion when my friends and I used to go to watch United play at home and were treated to the likes of Best, Charlton and Law in their heyday. His Dad, Harry always went too, but we slummed it in the Streford End, whilst Harry went at the other end. Dave’s frequent refrain was “Chewy anyone?”. He always brought along a couple of packets of Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum to share around our motley crew of students. So we could afford to go and watch Manchester United as mere students! Dave was interested in the work of not just his own students but ours in graphic design too.

At the time he lived over a Butcher’s Shop in Altringham, now that might sound a bit grim but it was n’t. He and his wife Mo, a fashion designer, made it their home there. Dave and Mo made the place a work of art. Sadly Mo died a few years ago, and now Dave has gone.

Together they were the most generous couple.

Students who came within Dave’s orbit were always enriched by him, his enthusiasm and his wonderful sense of humour.The picture above shows Dave on the left and me, at the Reunion Exhibition that we students of 1969 had for our 50th Anniversary in 2019 at the Manchester College of Art. Typically Dave came along to enliven the proceedings.

He will be very much missed and always well remembered.

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